Company Background
  Playmill Group was formed in 2010 to introduce premium products into Hong Kong and China. Through identifying products with exceptional quality, design or proven success in overseas markets, Playmill seeks to provide a unique experience not available in the general market for our customers.

Utilizing its established networks of logistics and retail channels, Playmill can effectively promote and distribute products to target consumer groups throughout the Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China Region.

Playmill Group has strategic partners in logistics, IT, marketing and in-store promotion that can efficiently place products into retailers. Playmill provides a one-stop solution for brands that are looking to establish in Hong Kong and China market.
  Our Mission
  Playmill aims to establish an efficient distribution platform to distribute products into the Hong Kong and China market. Playmill hopes to improve operation efficiency through gaining economy of scale from representing large reputable brands as well as continuously improving our internal processes.